About Firmelements

Our Purpose

Faith in Learning

Educate and give access to the United States and countries around the world, about the process of the natural nitrogen and element cycles of growing.

What we Hope

We want a full range of organic food that’s nutrient rich for the health and wellness of people, animals and the environment.

Service in Charity

A portion of proceeds from Firmelements LLC will go to support a service based organization/group to help underdeveloped countries with self sustainable practices or indigenous solutions.

Element Quality Control Group

eric scott

Eric Griffin


Research, patience and the drive for complete wellness in all individuals is what lead Eric to the study of Natural Nitrogen Dispersal and Essential Elements over the last 18 years.

Ken Trigueiro

Chief Financial Officer

With extensive experience accumulated through a 30+ year career in agriculture, banking and affordable housing, Ken brings an innovative combination of executive skills to this position.

Mark Owens

Education & Research

State Champion in Agronomy; Bachelor’s Degree in Bio Resource and Agricultural Engineering at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo

Chris Kania

Water Filtration Expert

Chris has worked for over 36 years as a water treatment professional and holds a T5 certification, the highest license issued by the California Department of Health in drinking water.

Stephen Fultz

Ag Consultant

Stephen comes from a long line of farmers. Formerly serving as a produce inspector he continues to serve growers in all aspects of Ag consulting.

Frank Loving

Maritime Logistics

Frank is a third generation boat captain with four vessels prepared for any ocean challenge. Frank navigates the harvest location and brings back ocean solution in food grade tanks.

Brien Vierra

Product Logistics

Brien has over 30 years of experience working with pipelines, pump stations, tank storage, and environmental permitting. He's been a director of the Atascadero Mutual Water Co. since 2008.

Richard Kelsey

Safety & Operations

Richard’s depth and well-rounded knowledge on many integral subjects has been a great asset to FIRMELEMENTS LLC in his efforts to safely deliver ocean elements and natural nitrogen dispersal.

An Invitation

Harold Franklin (Farmer, science teacher and mentor) with
Eric Griffin, CEO of Firmelements, LLC.
As the experiences of my life unfold it feels as if there was a plan, not of my own but a calling and election for me in a journey to be followed. I certainly had the freedom to choose the relationships in my path and the desires of my heart. Once I received an open door, a guiding direction was more of an invitation for me to use my gifts and talents, denying my own direction, taking a step of faith. Serving others now became a purpose driven passion to fulfill. Rather than have the entire purpose of life delivered at once it was given in pieces, learning what was necessary at that stage to prepare me for a specific mission. Every one of these invitations seemed to have endless opportunities to accomplish good works and bear fruit at their own level.

So now an invitation for you to sew the seeds of health and wellness by recreating the original paradigm of growing. Reintroduce a full range of essential elements into your nutrition and surroundings. Create a garden. The proven harvest of personal and environmental restoration will overflow for those who choose best practices in Natural Nitrogen and Essential Elements.

How It All Started

Through these eight short stories I share a brief glimpse of my background and the inspiration behind Firmelements. There are parallels to the firmament paradigm all around us, not just calculated studies but simple everyday examples, as you'll see in the following stories.


A purpose filled vision shaped by life experiences.

My Story

I was born and raised with...

Oatmeal n' Bread

I spent many summers on the ranch...

Hot Chocolate n' Coffee

First chore in the pre-dawn light was...

A Boy and His Dog

It is almost unheard of that any serious home...

Grass n' Trees

As a young man I don’t know if...

Purpose n' Election

As we strive to understand our purpose...

Essential Elements

After twelve years in public education...