A foliar application of ocean based organic natural nitrogen and lab-tested minerals applied directly onto plants for uptake through leaves and stems.
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“I sprayed one application and my sprouts turned dark green, grew faster and had clear veins under the leaves.”
Alvin O’Neal, GRACIOUS GREENS; High Quality Microgreens.
Central Coast, CA

Why Firmamist?

Reduce Water Usage

Foliar feeding once a week instead of soil application will yield notable water savings.

Quality Control

Improves shelf life of transported food, saves money and increases yield.

Higher Natural Nitrogen Levels

Lower reporting nitrogen levels for Water Quality Control Boards.

Go Organic

Fully approved for organic use (Can be an additional control group or full replacement growing).

Cost Savings

Finally, an organic fertilizer that is one-third the cost of conventional or organic.

What is Firmamist?

In the Pre-Diluvian growing paradigm, elements, minerals and nutrients in the ocean rose up in a gaseous form of evaporative transportation. Into the firmament these elements and microscopic plankton were transported by clouds in water droplets. Those droplets with an electrical charge cavitate and bind nitrogen in the air as they fell to earth in the form of mist, fog and haze. Those droplets attach to the leaf surface in the mist of the morning and feed the biosphere.

Increased Yield with Foliar Feeding

Firmamist imitates the ancient Pre-Diluvian growing paradigm with a foliar application of plankton rich ocean solution of elements, minerals and nitrogen directly from the air applied onto plants for uptake through their leaves and stems. Foliar fertilization is one of the most efficient ways to increase yield and plant health. Through personal growing experience and generational authority, trials have shown that foliar feeding can increase yields when compared to non-foliar feeding programs.

Lower Water Quality Control Board Requirements

Leaf Stomata
When fertilizers are applied in a foliar method, nearly all of the water based fertilizer is utilized by the plant because of the exchange on the plant surface area. In the west coast, California’s State Water Quality Control Board has adopted a resolution for a nitrate control plan that tracks nitrogen for each individual or group farmer’s usage. As years continue the amount of nitrogen fertilizer growers can apply is continuing to be reduced. Firmamist consistently reduces the recorded levels by utilizing several forms of natural nitrogen dispersal. Firmamist has convincingly met the needs of growers and stringent State requirements at the same time.

Improve Plant Health

When fertilizer is applied to plant leaves nutrients generally enter the plant through the cuticle which is a thin waxy layer on the outside of leaves and stems and through the stomates which are pores on the leaf surfaces. Nutrients may enter from both the top and the undersides of the leaves. Once Firmamist is applied, the plant disperses the nutrients even down into the soil through the roots. One University study found that in some plants the rate of movement to leaves was within hours. Firmamist is an effective solution for healthy crop maintenance, correcting nutrient deficiencies, lowering plant stress and healing poor growing environments.

Reduce Water Usage

If a grower substituted in a foliar application by replacing a regularly scheduled soil application the benefits are profound. In a foliar the plant material is hydrated and fed from the top down while the leaf surface is cleaned of loose particulate matter. Pertaining to water conservation and savings, a foliar application will utilize approximately 50-100 gals/acre as opposed to a general soil drip application that uses an average of 1000-1500 gals/acre. The above example refers to wine grapes but rates vary per crop, planting density and method/frequency of irrigation.

We have experienced that foliar feeding is an effective method for correcting soil deficiencies and overcoming the soil's inability to transfer nutrients to the plant under low moisture conditions.

Winning Awards with Firmamist/Firmaculture

"After the first few years of planting Olives trees, Lavender and Roses we were looking for a wide range of nutrients for our olives trees and used Firmamist/Firmaculture. It was so easy to use, clean and organic. I fertilized three rows with a foliar Firmamist and Firmaculture with water and nothing else. A few years later the three rows I treated are noticeably larger, healthier and superior oil. At the fifth year we submitted to the Mid State Fair and won two Gold, Lodi State Fair and won two Gold and finally, two Silver at the State Level. I never entered a contest I didn’t win."
Kevin Irot – Olive grower & Lavender, Templeton CA