Firmaculture improves soil structure and provides ocean based organic natural nitrogen and essential elements for root absorption.
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“It’s working, I need more product! Blueberry bushes are showing improvement...once yellow are turning nice deep green! I'm using this new batch of Firmamist/Firmaculture on U Pick: strawberries, pumpkins, squash, fruit trees, etc.”
Michael Mahoney, U Pick Blueberry Farm
Santa Maria, CA

Why Firmaculture?

Natural Nitrogen

Multiple forms of natural nitrogen sustaining microbes in the soil at a fraction of the cost.

Improve Reporting

Lower reporting nitrogen levels for the Water Quality Control Boards.

Organic Activity

Fully approved and listed for organic usage for soil or water based growing mediums.

Water Based Fertilizers

You can combine it with other water based organic fertilizers for improved shelf life and increased yields.

Reduce Water Usage

Improved moisture retention as it combines with organic material, promoting bacteria and microbial activity.

What is Firmaculture?

Firmaculture emulates the Pre-diluvian growing paradigm, where element rich nitrogen and minerals run off the leaf of the plant and drop down into decomposing soil. The essential elements and minerals are packaged by the forest floor biomass (algae, grasses, moss, lichen, worm castings, etc.) which acts as a suitcase for essential elements and minerals to be transported to the microbes.

Create a Balanced Soil Habitat

Growers can add multiple water based organic amendments to an actively aerated element rich environment. A full range of elements will bring life back to sterile soil by adding biomass to ocean fed microbes that convert organic matter into the naturally chelated nitrogen. Firmaculture mixes processed ocean water which acts as microbial food and establishes a balanced habitat in soils that come back to life by adding populations of nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria, nitrogen rich plankton and phosphorus solubilizing bacteria.

Noticeably Improved

“This year went much better than last year on yield and uniformity. There is a noticeable difference in all plant material. I am convinced.”
Kim Lilly
Owner, TX

Background: Mr. Lilly started using Firmelements over a year ago and now continues to apply a monthly application to his residential landscape healing junipers, bushes, grass and trees in CA. There was such a noticeable difference in overall growth that he delivered and applied additional product to his 125 acres of Milo using half a pivot in Texas.

Ross H, Farm Manager, TX