Organic water based fertilizer that’s safe and effective. Firmelements provides
the ocean’s perfect natural solution of organic nitrogen and essential elements.

Organic from the beginning

Firmament cycles are feeding from the leaves down;
replenishing from the soil up.

Natural Nitrogen

Our ocean based fertilizers deliver multiple forms of natural nitrogen
dispersal through foliar and soil based applications.

Essential Elements

From the ocean, we source a full range of element rich essential
micronutrients for maintaining active soil microbes and plant physiology.

Our Mission

To transform communities with researched solutions and methods in providing comprehensive organic water based fertilizers using diverse forms of natural nitrogen and chelated essential elements. 

Miracle Water!

“It's miracle water! On 5 acres of bell peppers and 3 applications of Firmelements: We saw increased yield, significantly less culls and over 50 cartons per acre more than the conventional control group. Cantaloupes and Red Leaf was amazing!”

- Hector Rochin, Coachella Valley CA ​

Industries Using Our Products


Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aeroponics, Metered Fertigation, Underground Drip




CDFA (OIM), OMRI, WSDA, Specialty, Sprouts, Micros



dog drinking


Use as a feed additive for livestock and pets


We help municipalities meet green initiatives with our ocean based organic fertilizer. We support our products with a team of specialists who help with education and implementation.

Harbors & Ports

We assist Harbors and Ports with Green Marine Performance Indicators by targeting key environmental issues related to inland waterways and biodiversity protection.

Growing as it was meant to be

Our goal at Firmelements is to recreate original ecological nitrogen and element cycles and provide growing alternatives that are locally sourced, renewable and environmentally safe to use at the base level of consumption.

Essential Elements

Sourced from pristine off shore currents, 90+ water based ocean elements provide a full range of nutrients to all plants and animals.

5 Forms of Natural Nitrogen

Establishes lower nitrogen levels for the CA Water Quality Control Board Compliance. Five forms of natural nitrogen include: phytoplankton, droplet cavitation, NO3, biomass, cyanobacteria (algae).


Regenerative practices fueled by water soluble nitrogen, moss, lichen, algae, vermiculture, diatomes, compost, grasses.

Water Based Solution

For thousands of years our ecosystem has used the element and nitrogen cycles in a water based foliar, soil composted and naturally chelated solution. Application of any other synthetic or petroleum based chemicals are not best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Research driven pre-diluvian paradigm built on generational authority, empirical investigation and historical evidence.

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