Generational Authority

We want to hear practical knowledge, understanding and wisdom from farmers that have years of generational authority in what they did best over decades especially if it involved an experience with the Mist of the Morning transported in the air or rising from the earth at dawn.

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Jim Fultz -- Council, Idaho

Great Grandfather – Charles W. Fultz, Dairy farmer, Osage, Arkansas
Grandfather - Steven B. Fultz, dairy farmer, Rule Arkansas.
Father Roy Fultz - Row Crop farmer, King City California
Self Jimmy Fultz - Row Crop farmer, Gonzales, Salinas, King City California
Son Stephen Fultz - Row Crop farmer, Salinas, King City California

Attended one year at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo then enrolled into the Navy. After serving his term came back to King City California just East of the Salinas Valley and took over the family farming on the Salinas River; salad bowl of the nation.

“I was always told by my grandfather and father to water at night or in the morning. I never knew why it was best to do so but watched the mist of the morning primarily in row crops, rise up from the earth giving the plant material a natural foliar feeding. My eyes were opened when studying Chemistry years later and realizing what was actually happening as the water transported elements/nutrients from the soil to the surface of the plant material.”
-- Jim Fultz