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Meeting the nutritional and microbial needs of all plant material.
"After two applications of Firmamist and Firmaculture I came back from a three week vacation and was completely amazed that the seven suffering redwoods were showing dark green growth on the entire tree. It’s like night and day, the difference.”
- Jason Carvalho


A foliar application of ocean based organic natural nitrogen and lab-tested minerals applied directly onto plants for uptake through leaves and stems.


A soil application that can combine with other organic water based fertilizers, improves soil structure and provides ocean based organic natural nitrogen and lab-tested minerals for root absorption.

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What Do Growers Say About Our Products?

"I have been farming certified organic since 1980.  We farm certified organic vineyards, almond and pistachio orchards that have various nutritional requirements.  It is nice to come across a product, such as "Firmamist/Firmaculture", that covers a wide range of fertilization benefits because it contains minerals and essential elements and is simple to use.  We have done foliar applications to the vines and orchards along with applying it directly into the furrows via drip irrigation and have witnessed positive results in plant health.  We have also seen some suppression in specific pest populations not damaging the dark green leaves even though "Firmelements" does not make any claims."
Eat and Stay Healthy,
Mike McCutcheon
McCutcheon Enterprises Inc., Caruthers CA

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the Salt? Does it harm the Plants or Microbes?


There are dozens of different kinds of salt (elements) and/or combinations. In the right concentration plants can’t live without them. A full range of 90 + (elements) are essential to plants, microbes and dynamic soils.  Plants and animals all require ions as a food source.  Microbes are no different.  They need phosphates and nitrates to build DNA and proteins.

Is there Nitrogen in Firmamist and Firmaculture?

One of the richest sources of nitrogen is found in the ocean: plankton, phytoplankton, zooplankton, cyanobacteria, algae, biomass, aquatic waste/decomposition.

Ocean evaporation into clouds then rain cavitation with the 78% nitrogen in the air is the best natural water soluble nitrogen.  A misting or fog onto the earth from the ocean is basically an element filled foliar application of global proportions.

Firmelement consultants work with growers to amend each unique soil type or water based medium with no less than five forms of organic natural nitrogen.
Are there other Ocean Based Companies or Fertilizers?

There are no less than a half dozen companies that deal in some derivative of Ocean byproduct or altered form of elements, none have come close to perfecting this original process.

Companies that use dried out Salt Beds (elements) have many of the elements missing or altered into a solid that cannot be used by the plant leaf or roots even if rehydrated. Some companies harvest seawater, evaporate the ocean water into a thick consistency and then add plain ocean water back into the previously evaporated mixture thus doubling the elements and creating an unnatural concentration.

Still other companies are using powderized rock, salt (elements) and petrified plant material to add to the soil.  These products again are supporting some elements but do not have the right delivery system or chelation.
How do I apply the products and how often do I need elements?

There are two products;  Firmamist applied as a foliar application by itself before the pre-dawn light or after dusk.  Firmaculture is applied as a soil application or metered fertigation when convenient and both products applied between a temperature of 40 - 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

General usage is once a month for foliar and soil application unless authorized by a representative. Established or old growth annuals at least every other month.
Where do you get the Ocean water and how pure is it?

The ocean water is harvested bordering the continental shelf. We have surveyed areas past the continental shelf to ensure proven pristine quality. Samples are taken to certified testing labs and screened for Organics Quality Control.
How accessible is your product?

BoatOur products are readily available from the ocean in thousands of gallons. We deliver to 12 states west of the Rockies.