Tsunami Boosts Rice Yields

MEULABOH, Indonesia — From atop the coconut tree where he fled to escape the onrushing water, Muhammad Yacob watched the tsunami turn his rice paddy into a briny, debris-strewn swamp. Nine months later, Yacob and his wife are harvesting their best-ever crop — despite fears that saltwater had poisoned the land.”

“The sea water turned out to be a great fertilizer,” said Yacob, 66, during a break from scything the green shoots… We are looking at yields twice as high as last year.”

Ocean water contains all the 90+ naturally occurring elements essential for life on earth. In biochemistry, an essential trace element is a dietary element that is needed in very minute quantities for the proper growth and vital metabolic activities in an organism. The Tsunami in Indonesia replenished those elements that have been farmed out or eroded off the fields.

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